Monoblock Miter Saw for 45 Degree Cutting

Cutter of marble, ceramic, stone and granite with a fixed 45-degree disc head. Disk diameter up to 350 – 450mm. 7.5 – 15HP traction sheave. It does not have a traction sheave on it. Moving for cutting-return with 0.5 HP electric motor with INVERTER to change cutting speed. Dimensions of the galvanized bench are 900 mm × 3700mm. Its movement takes place in zero-range slides. Its installation is in hot-dip galvanized iron bases. It has its own electrical panel wiring with its controller.

Technical Specifications Monoblock Miter Saw for 45 Degree Cutting

Max cutting heightmm50
Cutting disk diametermm350-450
MoterHP-V/Hz7.5-15 380/50
Rotation speedrpm300-3000
Max cutting lengthmm4000
Dimensionsmm5100 x 1600 x 1700